G-Shock Air & Style 2000 Results

The G-Shock Air and Style went off in Austria and guess who won again? Stefan Gimpl took the big air and Mike Michalchuk won the quarterpipe. Story to come

Look for complete coverage of the Air and Style coming soon.

1. Stefan Gimpl. Austria.
2. Roger Hjelmstadstuen. Norway.
3. Jussi Oksanen. Finland.
4. Chad Otterstrom. USA.
5. David Benedek. Germany.
6. Michi Albin. Suisse.
7. Andrew Crawford. USA.
9. Ingemar Backman. Sweden.
10. Jonas Emery. Suisse.

Corner Challenge
1. Pauline Richon. France.
2. Tina Bierbaum. Suisse.
3. Michele Taggart. USA.
4. Tina Basich. USA.
5. Caroline Ehrenstrasser. Austria.
1. Mike Michalchuk. Canada.
2. Wolfgang Nyvelt. Austria.
3. Romain de Marchi. Suisse.
4. Tom Reiches. Austria.
5. Thomas Wanner. Austria.