Resort traffic on the I-70 corridor in the Front Range of Colorado could be a thing of the past, if selected for a new hypothetical transportation system, Hyperloop One. Recently, it was announced that the Rocky Mountain Hyperloop team was selected as one of the 10 finalists of The Hyperloop One Global Challenge, which is working towards creating this form of transportation at the winning location.

This futuristic tube transportation would run parallel from I-70 connecting Denver to Vail, and on I-25 connecting Colorado Springs to Cheyenne, Wyoming. According to the proposed travel times, the commute between Denver and Vail would only be 9 minutes.

From Hyperloop:
Colorado's population growth and emerging industry sectors would benefit immensely from a Hyperloop connection along the Front Range. A high-speed link would be beneficial for the state's tourism industry, link high value-added sectors such as biotechnology, technology and aerospace, and help alleviate intercity congestion.
• Denver – Greeley: 64km, 6 min
• Denver – Fort Collins: 129km, 9 min
• Denver – Vail: 121 km, 9 min
• Denver – Colorado Springs: 118 km, 9 min
• Colorado Springs – Pueblo: 65 km, 6 min
• Total Route Length: 580 km

Proposed routes — Credit: Hyperloop One 

Check out the Rocky Mountain Hyperloop Team featuring members of Colorado's Department of Transportation explaining their goals with their proposal.

How the heck would this thing work? Check this video out. 

While this potential form of travel is still years away, it would greatly impact many Colorado resorts. What are your thoughts on this proposed plan? Let us know in the comments.

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