Fuel Visits Mountain High

FUEL, a division of Fox Cable Networks, is dedicated to the world of action sports. Since its launch in the summer of 2003, the station has put together a variety of programs featuring BMX, surf, skate, motox, and snowboarding action.

FUEL recently visited Mountain High, a winter resort in Southern California’s San Gabriel Mountains. There, they interviewed the Faultline Crew, who has been at work all summer building new rails and jibs; creating an environment that sets a new standard in terrain park design. Highlights include The Playground, a 40,000 square foot jib arena, and the 100 foot long Jib Pipe. Also featured in the program is Los Angeles artist, Steven Lopez, who has personalized many of the rails with his unique murals.

The Mountain High feature will air this winter and is sure to be popular with local riders and those interested in the So Cal snowboard scene. Contact your local cable or satellite TV provider for details on receiving FUEL programming or check out their Web site at: www.fuel.tv.