Fuel TV Airs Snowboarding Documentary “Lines”


Directed by pro snowboarder Axel Pauporte, “Lines” is a comprehensive documentary on big mountain snowboarding that shows the dedication that goes into this under-represented side of snowboarding. It loosely follows the Absinthe Film’s crew as they post up in Haines, Alaska, for six weeks and shows how taking freestyle into big mountain riding is the ultimate form of snowboarding.

In between the current action, the movie fills out the characters with a historical look at the development of big mountain riding with the true legendary freeride pioneers. The film gives an inside look at the characters, history, and dangers of big mountain riding, including such legends as Jeremy Jones, Tom Burt, Shawn Farmer, Craig Kelly, Johan Oloffson, and Travis Rice.

Sunday, 6/6/2010                                                               6:00 PM ET / 3:00 PM PT

Nicolas Muller

Nicolas Muller