Saturday, October 1st the Frontline Rail jam returns to the heart of Stockholm Sweden. Invited riders from 12 different countries are going to be battling it out on the brand new rail set up down the stairs of the infamous Swedish square “Serdelstorg” for the main prize of 6,000 Euros.

The whole event will be high quality streamed and able to be viewed starting 2pm central European time at

The riders competing are:
Eiki Helgasson (Isl)
Halldor Helgason (Isl)
Marc Swoboda (aut)
Gulli Gudmundson (Isl)
Thorstein Horgmo (nor)

Brandon Hobush (usa)
Dylan Alito (usa)
Michael Cassanova (usa)
Wojtek Pawluska (pol)
Ethan Morgan ( ger)

Cees Williams (NL)
Denis Leontyev (Rus)
Domenik Wagner ( Aut)
Nils Arvidsson (swe)
Kareem El Rafie (Swe)

Gerben Werjit (NL)
Toni Kerkelä (fin)
Joel Ahola (fin)
Leo Crawford (Swe)
Dani Rajcsanyi (ger)

Nejc Ferjan (slv)
Anton Bilare (swe)
Noa Gadelius (swe)
Felix  Engström (swe)
Jonathan Linde (swe)

Jon Russel (uk)
Ann-Sophie Lechon (nl)
Jamie Nichols ( uk)