Sergelstorg in Stockholm, Sweden, is the place to be Saturday, October 6th.A legendary rail battle between top rail dawgs and jibbers will take placeas Frontline hosts its Frontline Rail Jam.As this year’s special feature a skate miniramp contest just next to thesnowboard rail venue

This years afterparty will be held at the prestigious BERNS with 1000 peoplepartying the night of with DJ’s such asMarc Frank Montoya, Joni Malmi and Radio Lo-Cash pumping heavy house andhiphop all night long!

The party will allso host the premier for Factor films new dope movie “Uppin the sky”.

Tickets available at Gulan ringvà¤gen, OneOff kungsgatan/vasagatan andDr.Jumps clinic bryggargatan!No tickets sold at door/entry


Make sure to join the party that features riders like MarkFrankMontoya(MFM), Joni Malmi, Hans à…hlund, Torstein Horgmo, Fredu Sirviö, KareemEl Rafie, Eman Andersen, Eero Ettala, Eirikur Helgason and many more.


Mark Frank Montoya, Eirikur Helgason, Freddo Sirvio, Risto Roukola, NickyWieveg, Kareem El Rafie, Hans à…hlund, Vesa Nisinen, Haldor Helgason, Andreasgidlund,Gulli Gudmundson, Eman Andersen, Torsten Horgmo, Daniel Ek, PeterKönig, Jonas Carlson, Andrey Moskvin,Bryan McClatci,


Riky Sandström, Björn Holmenà¤s, Joel Svà¤rd, Mika Edin,Casper Plass, Daniel Spà¤ngs, Christian Bomholt, Love Enroth