Free Völkl Team Video Now Available

“Heavy Hitters,” the new free team video from Volkl snowboards, will be in USA shops November 1st.

“Heavy Hitters” featuring Daniel Bumann, Magnus Sterner, Rudi Kröll, Jens Anselstetter, Alex Schmaltz, Marc-Andre Tarte,and Chris Kröll is major step up from last year’s successful release of “I11.” Audio stimulation provided by DJ Chrome, Blumentopf, Planet Asia, Pep Love, Evidence, The World according to Gob, Stimilion, and Allpot Futsch.

To get your free copy of “Heavy Hitters” simply click “free video” and print the PDF which can be found on Then simply redeem the printout at any Völkl Snowboards dealers while supplies last.

For those customers who do not have a Völkl Snowboard dealer near them, they can obtain a copy of “Heavy Hitters” by emailing while supplies last.