Franke and Dakides Take Doritos Loud Air

Making the best of a big air turned into a rail, medium air, and quarterpipe, Nicke Franke and Tara Dakides dominated a tough field at The Chevy S-10 U.S. Grand Prix Invitational Doritos Loud Air and took home $4,000 each for first place. The Doritos Loud Air was originally supposed to be a big-air invitational showdown, but due to lack of snow, the format was changed to a triple jump starting at the top with a choice between a straight rail, kinked rail, and picnic table first, a medium sized kicker, followed by a twelve-foot quarterpipe at the bottom. Each section counted toward the total score and each rider got two jumps, with the best one counting.

Not unlike Shannon Dunn in the halfpipe competition, Tara Dakides continued her reign in the air and on the rails, beating the closest female competitiors by more than four points. She won it with her first jump.

Dakides’ winning run consisted of a boardslide on the straight rail, to a backflip indie grab, and backside air on the quarterpipe for a total of 24 points. For a while, announcer Mark Sullivan had her as the favorite in the both the men’s and the women’s division since the first eight guys down all scored worse. For her second jump, Dakides decided to have a little fun. When asked what happened, she simply said, “Oh, did you see me fall?”

One the men’s side, Jason Borgstede dropped in twelth out of the sixteen, and posted a high score of 25.4 with a fakie 270 to the rail, backside 9 tailgrab, and backside rodeo.

But three riders later, Nick Francke of MIA stepped up and won it with a switch frontside 360 backside lipside on the kink, switch backside rodeo on the kicker, and then an awesome backflip method to disaster, to fakie. The judges gave him a 27.2, which ended up being enough for the win.

The stage was set for Borgstede to step it up even more on his second run, but he “got his crash on” and smacked his head and body at the bottom of the transition on the quarterpipe. Ricky Bower came in a close third with a 24.5.

Twenty seconds with Doritos Loud Air Women’s Winner and very single Tara Dakides:
LJ: So how are you liking the quarterpipe?
TD: I love it. I ride quarterpipes a lot.

Jeremy Baye walks by.TD: I’m digging the gold chain.LJ: Yeah, you can always notice him. The gold chain’s either Baye or Ali Goulet.

TD: I like gold-chain guys. I’m down with the gold chain stiez.LJ: Yeah, it’s nice because those guys take pride in their appearance.TD: They still probably don’t shower though. Showers are good.

LJ: What are you going to do with the prize money?
TD: Put it in my bank account¿pretty boring.

Sixty Seconds with Doritos Loud Air Men’s Winner Nick Francke:LJ: How do you like the quarterpipe?
NF: I’m happy ’cause I’m coming off an injury from last year. I injured myself at the World Quarter Pipe’s last year. I had surgery on the day I was supposed to be riding in the U.S. Open Big Air, so, with a win here I’m in the Open and I’m psyched because I’m back to where I was a year ago.

LJ: Where are you from?
NF: I’m from Gilbert, New Hampshire, but I live in Portland, Oregon and go to art school there.

LJ: Do you like doing the Grand Prix’s?
NF: Yeah. I’m mainly a big-air competitor because in Oregon, in the past few years, they haven’t had a Pipe Dragon to build pipes so the snow always filled the halfpipe and they’ve never really had a good one. Hopefully, in a few more weeks, I’ll get to ride pipe because, literally, I never get to ride pipe¿like maybe a couple times a year. So, if I get the chance I’d like to enter the halfpipe contests.

LJ: Do you like doing the contests?
NF: I don’t really like competing, I just like coming and seeing all these guys. I love the ability to come and travel and hang out with all my friends. LJ: Is stuff like this more fun or maybe a little more low key?
NF: I don’t think a pipe contest is any more or less serious I just think that these aare generally more laid back in the whole event, but they’re taken just as seriously.

Women’s Doritos Loud Air Finals
1. Tara Dakides
2. Jana Meyen
3. Jamie McLeod
4. Kim Bohnsack
5. Natasza Zurek
6. CaraBeth Burnside
7. Ali Bernstein
8. Jessica dalpiaz

Men’s Doritos Loud Air Finals
1. Nick Francke
2. Jason Borgstede
3. Ricky Bower
4. Zach Leach
5. Brent Meyer
6. Mark Andre Tart
7. Tom Gilles
8. Rahm klampert
9. Will Bruno
10. Myles Hallen
11. Sean Durst
12. Joel Mahaffey
13. Jeremy Baye
13. Scotty Arnold (tie)
15. Ali Goulet
16. Jimmy Halopoff