You may have seen the images in mags and online, but now is your chance to check out The Wet Plate Project in person. Foursquare along with accomplished snowboard photographer Ian Ruhter set out last season to shoot snowboarding in an entirely new way, through one of the oldest photo processes ever developed: Wet Plate Photography. Working with the Foursquare Team, Ruhter took this process a step further by capturing them in mid-air on wet plates, becoming the only person in history to suspend motion with this process using artificial light.


This first ever, unique approach to snowboard and action photography is kicking off a North American Tour on Saturday, December 17th at 111 Minna Gallery in San Francisco, CA. The collection will showcase quality prints of the wet plate photographs featuring Foursquare's Andreas Wiig, Pat Moore, Alek Oestreng, Peter Line and Cameron Pierce, as well as footage of the process that made it all possible.


"Being able to produce something like this that is one-of-a-kind and real means everything in the world as an artist," explains Ruhter. "I was determined to do what was deemed impossible by my colleagues." With his extensive history in snowboarding, Ruhter framed it perfectly when he identified that Wet Plate is the ideal platform to "defy all the rules, the same way that snowboarding started."


The Wet Plate Project will then travel to the following cities across North America and into a shop near you. Please stay tuned to for more details as they arise.


Cleveland, OH

Denver, CO

Seattle, WA

Whistler, BC

Montreal, QC

Burlington, VT

With a focus on timeless design and pure snowboard functionality, Foursquare continues this process through The Wet Plate Project. For more information on The Wet Plate Project and to view the series of 5 Wet Plate Project videos, go to