Forum Studio

Forum Snowboards is pleased to announce the creation of the Forum Studiowithin the Apple iTunes store.

Located within the TV Show section of the store, The Forum Studiorepresentsthe snowboarding video projects of the Forum team, in conjunction withmembers of Special Blend Outerwear and Foursquare Outerwear. Thisinfluential grouping produces a collection of acknowledged snowboardingfilms, featuring progressive action, impressive editing, and memorablesoundtracks.

Currently, three titles are available for a download price of $1.99each:That, NORTH SOUTH EAST WEST, and FYI.

The Forum Studio is the first of its kind for a snowboard brand and thistype of distribution capability and exposure is an ideal representationforthe quality and dedication Forum puts into their video projects.

The Forum Studio is available in the United States iTunes store, withplansto expand to other regions in the near future.


The Forum Studio