Forum Premieres The Resistance

On September 9, 2000 Forum Snowboards and Mack Dawg kicked off the night with the world premiere of their latest release, The Resistance.

Leave it to Fourstar Distribution and Mack Dawg to put together another glamorous evening, not since “Decade” has there been such anticipation for one of Dawger’s films. In fact, this year all the snowboard video premieres were packed more so than ever as the level of snowboarding continues to progress and keeps people watching.

While Mack Dawg’s other film “Amp” had shown at Spreckels the previous night, the venue for The Resistance was the elegant Copley Symphony Hall, just a few blocks away. The atmosphere was lovely as beautiful women mingled with well-known snowboarders in a place usually reserved for gowns and tuxedos.

But it had snowboarder class: the VIP. Lounge was a room with kegs. As much beer as possible was consumed before the movie, and then you had to sneak it down to your seat. Peter Line and Sean Kearns introduced the film to hoots and hollas as they broke bottles over their heads in traditional Whiskey fashion. (You remember Boozy?)

The Resistance lived up to hype with impressive riding from everyone involved. The film begins with Peter Line beating up the rest of the team on a Southern California freeway overpass, calling them a bunch of overpaid, whining bitches or something. Bjorn started the featured riders, possibly the best segment of the video. Devun Walsh’s riding followed with footage that was shot in only six days due to an injury last season. If that’s six days of riding I can’t imagine how much fun Devun’s whole season must be.

Next came Peter Line’s part, which included hand drawn special effects like cactus and skulls in the snow and a not so subliminal “buy my board” on the side of Meadow’s lodge. Nate Bozung skates in his section, actually making his part the best.

After more sick snowboarding by Jeremy Jones, Joni Malmi, Mikey LeBlanc and others, J.P. Waker finishes up the film with a nauseating amount of jibs and a funny little skit about faking the funk. Once again Mack Dawg gets the goods and the Forum team delivers some of the best freestyle snowboarding around. After that is was off to Whitey’s party where everyone outside was pissed because their little VIP tickets meant nothing to the large, egotistical Gaslamp Quarter bouncers. If you missed it, there are more premiere parties in San Diego and Orange County this coming weekend.