Forum Snowboards is proud to announce Droppin’ F Bombs — a themed event type thing where custom bomb jibs will be dropped at snowboarding parks across North America. Needless to say, it is going to be explosive — so, zero in on the attack plan for one-day only, custom park set-ups full of all things bombastic: a bomb drop, mogul minefield, three ‘F’ bomb jibs, and an arsenal of ‘F’ bomb themed giveaways.

Waterville Valley, New Hampshire – February 2, 2008

Summit at Snoqualmie, Washington – March 1, 2008

Northstar at Tahoe, California – March 12, 2008

Brighton, Utah – March 19, 2008

A style contest will pop-off around noon where the overall style winner receives a Forum Destroyer Board (or a Forum binding or boot).

If competing isn’t your thing, at least join-in for a gut bomb burrito or a bomb dropped beverage.If you can’t make it out for the day’s events, you’ll be happy to know the remnants will occupy a space in the park for the rest of the season.

Check out for updates.