Flux drafts new posse for 04/05

For the 04/05 season Flux is pleased to announce the new Blokes that have been acquired to the team. We are very content to have them onboard and involved with the Flux project. Not only are these Lads driven and motivated but they are all riding for the right reasons. Our current team consists of Matt Hammer, J.P. Tomich, Curtis Woodman, Blaise Rosenthal, Jake Devine and Jason Borgestede.

New faces to join the roster include Robbie Sell, Corey Smith, Stephen Duke, Aaron Keene, Nima Jalali and Casey Neefus. The boys have been very involved with the upcoming designs and structures for the 05/06 Flux line up, and will be looking hotter than Swayze on the 04/05 line. Get ready for what’s to come in future designs and technology. Flux will also be introducing the metal heel cup along with designs that I must say, just like our team, are definitely easy on the eyes!

Be sure to check out half of the Flux team in “Everyday Something” a film by NEOPROTOFILMS.