www.flux-bindings.com has been re-launched with the 2005/2006 line of Flux bindings, and the updated team of snow stuntsters (most of them can also be tracked down on myspace.com if you’re extra obsessed with them). The new site will also soon include a trailer of the Flux sponsored NeoProto film: Some Kinda Life featuring Curtis Woodman, Corey Smith, Robbie Sell, Stephen Duke, Nima Jalali, and Jake Devine as well as individual video clips from some of the rider’s themselves. You can also read up on a little Flux history and find out a little more about our patent pending T.M.S. Toe Mask Strap, the only shape convertible toe strap on the market designed to fit any model boot with a custom fit! So use the internet for something other than illegally downloading the newest Chingy mp3 or looking for that half-naked picture of David Hasselhoff with the puppies and go check out the new site: www.flux-bindings.com. And then use the updated shop locator and go check out a pair at your local shop when the 05/06 line starts hitting stores on September 1st!

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