Flux Bindings Introduces New Design

The rumors are true, Flux Bindings will introduce the T.M.S. Toe Mask Strap at SIA in Vegas and it will be on nearly the entire 05/06 line of bindings. How can we do that you’re asking? Flux designed the original T.M.S. system and was the first to file for a patent on the technology for the U.S. and Japanese markets! With everything going well we expect to receive the NOA (Notice of Allowance) from USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) sometime in June this year.

About The T.M.S.:Every snowboarder knows that the purpose of a toe strap is to prevent your toes from lifting and also to keep your boot from wobbling forward out of position in the binding. What every snowboarder also knows is that traditional toe straps can only hold the boot down, and the only way to prevent it from wobbling out of place is to crank it down as tight as you can, causing that not so wonderful loss of feeling in your toes. The design team at Flux has been hard at work for over a year now perfecting our Patent Pending T.M.S. (Toe Mask System) to fix all of the problems associated with traditional toe straps, and even the problems associated with other “toe cap” straps. By that we mean that the Flux T.M.S. is fully adjustable and even allows for proper contouring of the strap based upon the shape of the toe of the boot, so no matter what boot brand you have it will fit like a glove!

It’s innovations like this that keep Flux on the cutting edge of the binding market. So be sure to check our the 05/06 binding line from Flux at your local dealer next season.