Flux Bindings April Fools Contest

Flux Bindings 1st Annual April Fools Day Contest…show us the goggle tan you’ve been working on all season.

THIS IS NOT A JOKE…but it IS for all you April Fools out there.

We are throwing a little contest. We want you to go to our Facebook page, become a fan and post a picture of your most amazing goggle tan on our wall. We know some of of you have been working hard to get that “lower-half-of-the-face” glow. For some, it’s a sign to all that “I shred more than you” and a flag of pride if you will. I remember when I would work hard on acquiring the “glow”. It was my badge of honor, one that I was proud to show off.

So there it is folks, send us those mean-ass goggle tan pics and you may win one of these crazy Titan RKs you see in the picture below. Keep in mind, these are one of a kind RKs that you will not find anywhere else.



1) Become a fan of Flux Bindings on Facebook

2) Post a picture of your goggle tan on our wall (only 1 picture per user please)

Winners will be selected on 4/1 and will be decided by the amount of likes the pictures recieve. Simple!

Click the link to the right to access our Facebook page.