Flow Team On The Move

San Clemente, California—Flow Team rider Antti Autti returns from his 5th place finish at the Olympic Games in Torino, to reclaim his place at the top by winning the Vans Cup Superpipe in Lake Tahoe this weekend. With weather threatening to cut the competition short, the event was taken from a qualifier/final format to a jam format viewed as more exciting for the riders as well as the spectators. The high winds that day caused a few riders to land on the deck during their runs, which is what may have cost Mason Aquirre a medal. Mason landed on the deck during a 12 ft. 1080, but was luckily able to walk away, and still claim fifth place. Despite the weather conditions, Antti managed to pull off an incredible run, outmaneuvering the wind as well as the competition. The winning run started with a huge method, right into a frontside 1080, a cab 1080, an inverted 900, huge McTwist, and he finished it up with an inverted 720. Not to mention, he pulled it all off with super smooth, effortless style. Louis Vito took second place with a great run that included three 10’s and two 9’s. Japanese rider, Kazuhiro Kokubo took the bronze with a sick run that included the now obligatory two 1080’s.

The Flow Team doesn’t get much rest these days. From the Olympics in Torino, to filming in Japan, The Artic Challenge on to Tahoe for the Vans Cup, and now they’re ramping up for the US Open in Stratton, VT March 14th-19th. Risto Mattila will be there defending his title as the US Open Slopestyle Champion. Risto is also currently leading the points standing in the year long TTR Tour and hopes to wrap up the overall TTR Tour Championship with a strong finish at Stratton. The competition will be stacked with Olympic medalists as well as Risto’s own teammates Scotty Lago and Antti Autti. The halfpipe that is the largest in US Open History, with 22 ft. walls will see its share of Flow riders as well. Antti scored a 3rd place in the Halfpipe last year and is hoping to move up in the ranks this year. Joining him in the event are Risto, Scotty, and Miikka Hast. Young rider Scotty Lago saw a great finish at the X Games Superpipe this year that won him a bronze medal, and hopes to repeat his performance in Vermont. Competing at the US Open gives the riders a chance to not only score prize money by placing well in each competition, but the chance for other prizes such as the Best Trick Award and the Volvo Best Performance Award. Last year Risto drove off in a Volvo V50 Sports Wagon for his best overall performance.

Flow is the originator of the reclining hi-back binding. Since its beginnings in 1995, Flow has been the leader in sales of this technology. Over the past ten years, in addition to perfecting the reclining hi-back, Flow introduced its own line of boots and boards, which have seen increases in sales every year.

Today Flow is known for its ease of use, comfort, and advanced control gained when using their products. Most recently, Flow introduced “Triple Threat Technology, a system of boots, boards, and bindings designed to heighten ease of use and control when used together. The success of Triple Threat was evidenced this year by the excellence of the Flow Pro Team riders, Antti Autti, Risto Mattila, and Scotty Lago.