Bardonecchia, Italy—One year prior to the Winter Olympics, the FIS hosts a pre-Olympic competition in the city chosen to host the games. This past weekend, Olympic competitors and Olympic hopefuls gathered in Bardonecchia, Italy for a trail run. Flow rider, Antti Autti came to Bardonecchia hot off his X-Games success. Just two weeks earlier Antti shocked the world by coming from behind to take the coveted gold medal in the X-Games Superpipe competition. Antti repeated his X-Games performance in the halfpipe competition in Italy, once again taking the gold medal. Another Flow rider, Risto Mattila claimed the silver medal, cinching a 1-2 finish for the Flow Team. This performance was repeated in the second halfpipe event, with Mattila finishing in the gold medal position, followed by Autti in the silver, once again a 1-2 finish for Flow. Miikka Hast finished ninth in the same final, making for three Flow riders in the halfpipe final. Risto continued his winning streak, taking first in the Big Air competition. Look for Antti, Risto, and Miikka, along with the rest of the Flow team at the Nippon Open this week in Japan. In addition to the Nippon Open, the team will also be appearing at the FIS World Cup in Japan.

Once seen as a convenience product, Flow has proven itself to be all about performance. All the Flow Team Riders are using “Triple Threat Technology, a system of boots, boards, and bindings designed to heighten performance and control when used together. The obvious success of Triple Threat is constantly evidenced by the performance and success of the Team.

Flow has been producing innovative snowboard products since 1995. As the originator of the reclining high-back binding, Flow introduced to the world a new wave of binding technology. Viewed as revolutionary, competitors have tried to imitate the reclining high-back, although none have seen the same success. Over the past nine years, Flow has become known for ease of use, comfort, and advanced control gained when using their bindings.