After a year of being displaced to Riksgransen, The Battle returns to its home of Falun, Sweden, and is scheduled to start with Opening Ceremonies on the 17th of March. Top riders from around the globe come together for what is viewed as one of the most modern and progressive contests currently running. This year, riders who are slated to compete include Terje Haakonsen, Andy Finch, andNicolas Droz, as well as Flow Team riders Tuomo Ojala and Miikka Hast who will be competing on the Finnish team.

This legendary contest is unique in its unconventional brand of judging and competition structure. The competition is formatted into 10 teams, determined by geographic location. Each team consists of three riders and one team captain, who is chosen by Jacob Soderqvist, creator of The Battle. The best team is awarded the ultimate Battle Trophy, and the Overall Ripper is awarded acoveted Ticket to Ride at the Arctic Challenge.  Riders are awarded titles such as Jib Commander, Smooth Operator, and Space Traveler. The titles are voted on by the riders themselves during the prize giving ceremony, on the last evening of the contest.

Jack Coghlan, International Marketing Manager for Flow, expressed his feelings on Flow joining The Battle, “The Battle is one of the most prestigious and innovative contests in the world, and Flow is honored to be a main sponsor. This is a perfect fit for a competition like The Battle, and a company like Flow to be working together.”  

Flow is planning a limited edition release of a co-branded Flow/The Battle binding. Previews of this short release binding will be available for viewing this spring, and will be available in stores next fall. The colors will be modeled after the traditional colors of The Battle, yellow and red, and the model of Flow binding to be used is expected to be the popular Amp 9 series, but could change during further development. For more info on The Battle, visit:

Once seen as a convenience product, Flow has proven itself to be all about performance. All the Flow Team Riders are using “Triple Threat Technology,” a system of boots, boards, and bindings designed to heighten performance andcontrol when used together. The obvious success of Triple Threat is constantly evidenced by the performance and success of the Team.

Flow has been producing innovative snowboard products since 1995. As the originator of the reclining high-back binding, Flow introduced to the world a new wave of binding technology. Viewed as revolutionary, competitors have tried to imitate the reclining high-back, although none have seen the same success.

Over the past nine years, Flow has become known for ease of use, comfort, and advanced control gained when using their bindings. For more info on Flow, visit: