Safety bars are something we don't really give much attention to. Some of us use them, some don't. Some have trail maps and resort ads. Now, some may be outfitted with digital displays that will feature scrolling maps, ads, safety messages, charging ports and more.

A Denver-area startup, Alpine Media Technology, has already raised $150,000 for their new venture, and has signed deals with Winter Park Resort in Colorado, and Wachusett Mountain Ski Area in Massachusetts.  Next season, they will implement screens on a select lifts at those resorts.

Screenin’ .. Photo: Alpine Media

According to Alpine Media Technology's product pitch,"Each panel contains a power source, 4-8 video displays, WiFi, and the option for wireless cell phone charging.  The panel is rapidly charged with each pass of the bullwheel and stores enough energy to power the displays for up to 20 minutes."

The company has several videos of what the displays may look like, including this video overview.

Alpine Media Technology has said it hopes to install 4,000 to 6,000 displays at 10 resorts throughout the next year.

"We've got some tooling that we're working on and ramping up for the production for all these units," said co-founder Freddie Peyerl about their progress.

We think this seems like a pretty benign thing, as we're constantly being served ads on a daily basis, but do we really need more screens, especially on outdoor lifts?

According to a story about the new displays on, several commenters are pissed about it. They voiced their concerns by saying:

Brooks Bezamat:
People who want or need a screen should stay at home. Why go skiing? I don't buy any "safety info" as being a reason. We've made it until now. This is disgraceful. I feel sorry for kids who grow up with this in their life.

Scott Gaffney:
This is disgusting.

Stephen Paul:
Thank god for this! It sucks having to spend time without being served advertising. I hate just sitting there, freezing, and not having media to stimulate me.

What are your thoughts? Do you care, not care, realize it's inevitable or what? Let us know in the comments.

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