Winter 2017-2018 is on the way

It may only be the first of September, but cooler temperatures and signs of winter are already starting to usher in.

Which state in North America in the will be the first to see measurable snowfall of the 2017-2018 winter season?

While we're not sure where it will start snowing first, New Hampshire is putting up a good fight.

Today, the Mountain Washington Observatory, took to their Facebook page and posted this very blustery photo, with the caption:
“Temperatures fell to a chilly 25°F this morning, with hurricane force winds and a trace of snow giving the summit of Mount Washington our first taste of winter!”

Many people asked about this early season snow on Mount Washington, and the Observatory responded: Typically we see our first measurable snowfall in mid-September, but the summit has recorded snow every month of the year!

Hurricane Harvey, though so destructive and damaging, may be helping this early onslaught of colder temperatures in the high country.

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