First Sega Dreamcast Snowboard Title

First Snowboarding Title Blasts to Sega Dreamcast in Rippin’ Riders

SAN FRANCISCO–Nov. 10, 1999–Good news for all boarders! Now you can hit the slopes before the snow falls with “Rippin’ Riders(TM)”, the first snowboarding game for the 128-bit, Internet-ready Sega Dreamcast(TM) videogame console. “Rippin Riders” gives players the extreme gaming experience they crave, along with all the variety and multiplayer options to keep them coming back for more. The game is packed with amazing high-speed 3D courses and halfpipes, awesome tricks, unique characters and even some hidden surprises. “Rippin’ Riders” is available at retailers nationwide today for $49.95.

“Rippin’ Riders” challenges gamers to show their stuff on six fun-filled courses. The picturesque 3D courses, including challenging high mountain forest trails and downtown cityscapes, are filled with unexpected obstacles (including farm animals!) that gamers must try to avoid or run right through. Only players with the right race time and trick count can unlock additional hidden courses.

“The intense speeds, outrageous tricks and beautiful 3D settings in `Rippin Riders’ are perfect examples of what the power of Sega Dreamcast can deliver,” said Greg Thomas, vice president of product development, Sega of America. “No other snowboarding title can match the depth of gameplay and challenges found in this game.”

To win in “Rippin’ Riders,” players must navigate these treacherous courses as fast as they can, gaining extra points along the way by performing stunts. As players catch major air off jumps, halfpipes and other obstacles, they can execute cool moves such as backside 360 tail grabs and misty flips. Fail to stick the move and it’s a serious face plant, slowing you down and affecting the final race time and score.

The seven characters in “Rippin’ Riders” are extremely detailed, with intricate outfits and even tattoos. Each boarder has two to three outfits and nine boards to choose from, including authentic Bonfire(TM) clothing and Salomon(TM) snowboards. Also unique to each character is the original soundtrack that plays as they ride, with songs matching each unique persona. For serious shredders, two hidden characters can be unlocked, but only if they meet certain race times and trick counts.

For true competitive fun, “Rippin’ Riders” features multiplayer capabilities, allowing players to race head to head with their friends. “Match Race” challenges two players to go at it for the best time and trick count. “Line Versus” mode features split-screen action, in which losing players are eventually edged off the screen with each trick their opponent executes successfully.

“Rippin’ Riders” is currently available at retailers nationwide and at for $49.95.