First Day At Mt. High

There’s an opening-day debate: Should you go or should you wait? We present two sides to the arguement with a look at opening day at Mountain High in Southern California.

For going: I’ve been waiting for months to ride! I’ve got a new board, boots, bindings, stylie threads, and the best goggles (that’s what they told me at the shop) that I dropped serious cash for and I’ve got to put my well-spent money to work.

Plus, I live to snowboard. I dream about it. Talk about it. Watched all the new videos and just have to learn that new handrail trick.

Plus, I want the bragging rights among all my friends.

I’ve got to get in shape for the season, and the best exercise for snowboarding is to go snowboarding, so I went. And there’s nothing like the fresh air, blue skys, and loads of other psyched riders to hang with on the slopes. Thanks Mountain High for getting my season going.

–John Stouffer

For not going: There is a reason why they call the one run mountains usually open for early season the “white ribbon of death.” All the snowmaking equipment, rocks, and yahoos with remote sensors making them head straight for your knees are concentrated in a twenty-foot wide space. This makes your much-awaited first run of the season more like running an obstacle course.

Plus, the snow conditions are unpredictable, so you can either wreck yourself because you are a little out of practice anyway, or wreck your new equipment that you’ve waited months to try out.

It’s true, I have anxiously awaited the start of the season, so despite my better judgement I went riding at Mountain High and had fun, even though my predictions for the not-so-glamorous early season riding were right on target.

Our cohort in crime Doug even caught an edge (forgot to detune his brand-new board) and sprained his ankle. Great start to the season.

–Jennifer Sherowski