Farmer Snowboards is marching forward on the path of most resistance to the peak of snowboard perfection. Shawn Farmer has been seen riding at high rates of speed on his new 203 cm board at local ski resorts and rapping at trade shows in Las Vegas and Germany. With right hand man Rocket Reaves keeping the machine running tight, the Farmer Snowboard show is relentlessly churning onward to bring boards to the people.

People of all nations and creeds can unite under the Farmer banner and take pride in their contributions to world. Knowledge and persistance give way to future smoothness and precision in every phase of life. The ability to stay focused on a dream, which may seem impossible only makes us stronger and empowers us to continue fighting for what we believe in. Whether it’s building the best boards, making the best bindings, or being the best rider we can be, taking pride in what we do is important to all people. Being the best we can be is what we all strive for and here at Farmer Snowboards we are no different.

At times the obession consumes us, but we must never lose sight of the importance of a positive attitude. At no time does Farmer Snowboards wish ill fate or bad vibes on any of the world’s people, traditions or customs. As long as people are cool with us, we’re cool with them. Farmer Snowboards wishes much love to all peoples and we are here to unite, not divide. So let’s lay down the swords, pick up the boards… and ride

Thank You very much,
Shawn Farmer

Farmer Snowboards
18272 Purden Rd
Nevada City, CA 95959
Toll free 866 799 3800