October is the time to kick off another winter season with EXIT REAL WORLD’s annual movie premiere party. October 19th was EXIT’s eighth anniversary and each year everyone is invited to attend a movie premiere party to honor this occasion and to invite the snowfall.

This year EXIT premiered “BRAIN STORM”, “STAND AND DELIVER”. In addition to this videos, EXIT showed their skate team video and Premiere Snow Skate’s video. Tons of prizes were raffled off and kids competed for bigger prizes in fun games such a girls sit-ups competition to win a Chorus snowboard and a guys push-ups competition to win an M3 snowboard.

Premiere Snow Skates were handed out as well as various other goodies including snowclothes, skateboards and other things. Nobody went home empty handed as goody bags including stickers, candy, keychains, catalogs and various things are traditionally given out to everyone upon exiting. About 800 people attended the party. Although there was concern and stress from the management of the facilities, there were no problems in the end.

Under organization of Missy Samiee (owner of EXIT), managers Brad Vaterlaus, Rob Aragon and Chare Erich along with the rest of the staff acted as the backbone of the event, adhering to the minute to minute schedule. Ramps had to be set up on stage for the skate demo, banners had to be hung, goody bags filled, prizes organized, DJs and attendees herded and an itinerary closely administered in order to keep the flow of the party under control.

Managers Brad Vaterlaus, Rob Aragon, and Miles Lauridsen, the northwest Burton rep helped by announcing and introducing the movies and people such as Josh Dirksen (on team EXIT) to the audience. Tom Czahor, Sole Tech’s northwest rep helped by loading in and out. Phil Kennedy of Circus and Alphanumeric helped out. Brent Lance came up with a tech from Oakley and was a tremendous help as usual… and on the sale day with Oakely’s lazer demo. The above reps were even more help by being at EXIT the next day (EXIT’s biggest sales day of the year) to help sales by being available with technical answers and other support.

The party is an annual event to bring everyone together in the spirit of snowboarding, to say thanks to EXIT’s customers and to pump the pre-season sale that takes place the next day. It was a fun event and it all went smoothly.