BOULDER, CO¿The Tracker DTS avalanche beacon has received the full endorsement of the major European alpine clubs. In a joint statement made by the Austrian, Swiss, and German alpine clubs, the Tracker DTS was recommended as the safest and simplest avalanche transceiver for recreational users. This conclusion was based on tests done in November, 1999 at Kutaai/Tirol, Austria.

The Tracker DTS was tested against several transceivers recently introduced to the world market, including the Ortovox M-1 and Barryvox Opto 3000 (or RED 457 in North America). Conventional analog beacons were also tested, including the Ortovox F-1 and Pieps Optifinder.

The full test report can be viewed on-line at (for translation from German, see

The Tracker DTS is the world’s first digital avalanche beacon and the only beacon with a high-precision dual antenna. It was introduced to the North American market in 1997 and to the European market in 1998.

In addition to the Tracker DTS, Backcountry Access has also recently introduced its new Companion Shovel and Probe System. Like the Tracker DTS, this product also designed specifically for the needs of recreationists performing companion avalanche rescue. It features an oval shaft, reversible offset grip, and a unique Companion Probe, which can be stored in the shaft of the Companion Shovel.

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