Etnies Team Report

Joni Makinen just got the cover of TransWorld Snowboarding issue #16. He’s also featured in the Forward section, which is a mini interview. Check it out.

Matt Hammer recently moved back up to Mammoth and has been terrorizing the town in his new dune buggy. He’s also been snowboarding around town since they recently received a few inches of snow. Could be an early season!

Dionne Delesalle is back in Canada for a couple of weeks. He’ll be heading out to Switzerland toward the end of the month to attend the Rossignol team photo shoot.

Markku Koski spent the last few weeks down in the Southern Hemisphere competing in a few halfpipe contests so he can retain his status with the ISF (International Snowboard Federation). He’ll be competing in a few halfpipe contests in Canada next month, as well.

Nicolas Droz completed his intense physical therapy session last week. He’ll be training every day to keep up with his health so he can get back on track as soon as the season starts. Nico’s also organizing a Super Pipe team contest in his hometown, scheduled for early December.

John Jackson is back in Mammoth getting ready to attack the season. He’ll be focusing on filming with the Standard crew, as well as competing in a few major contests this season (X-games, Triple Crown and Slopestyle).

Tyler Lepore just moved into a new house in Whistler. He’s getting ready for the new season and plans to focus on filming and shooting photos.

Janna Meyen is back in Bend, Oregon. If you haven’t had a chance to check out her part in the new Mack Dawg flick, Pulse, you’re missing out…

Roberta Rodger is back in Canada getting ready for the season to start.

Kevin Sansalone made it back from Australia safe and sound. His Sydney premiere of Skids 2 turned out to be a success. He said people flew in from New Zealand to check out the film.

Wille Yli-Luoma is spending as much time with his daughter as he can while bouncing back and forth from Sweden to Finland. He’ll be focusing on filming with Robot Food again for the new season.