Enter To Compete in the Sixth Annual Drink Water Rat Race

It’s that time of summer again, for the sixth annual Drink Water Rat Race. Be there or be square, at Mt. Hood’s Timberline Lodge on July 12th. Click here to make a five dollar donation to water.org by June 30th for your chance to be in the race, winners will be announced July 1st. Throughout the last five years, over $100k has been raised.

Photo: Darcy Bacha.

By donating five dollars to fundraiser, you will be involved in the lottery for over $10,000 of prizes from the Rat Race’s sponsors. By donating 25 dollars, you’ll be entered five times for the lottery of prizes, and so forth. Drawings for individual prizes will be live on the Drink Water Instagram account starting on July 6th and occurring daily through July 12th so make sure to donate before then.

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