Endeavor Stormchaser Tour

Vancouver, B.C. – Endeavor Launches Stormchaser Tour

Scattered across the globe is a group of snowboarders who constantly search for the best snow and best terrain. These riders are relentless, facing all odds in search of the perfect powder day – the type of day that happens once a year that keeps you energized on your mission to chase the storm. It is about the struggle, the dedication, the failures and defeats trumped by the successes and victories.

Endeavor Snowboards is proud to welcome you to the world of the Stormchaser. Working with partners Nokia, Nissan, Airstream Trailers, Airhole, New Era, IS Design, and Snowboard.com, the Stormchasers will travel throughout North America, Japan, Europe and Australiasia throughout the next 8 months and document their lives.

The Stormchasers, who consist of pro riders Kale Stephens, Paavo Tikkanen, Jacob Koia, Johnny Lyall, Donn Hore, Logan Short, Nick Gregory, Shingo Kawano, Magun, photographer Scott Serfas, Endeavor CEO Max Jenke, and Endeavor Sales Manager Chris Martin, will document their lives and their search for the perfect storm using Nokia N93 Video Camera phones and load these clips to the web directly from the phone using the Nokia Lifeblog software.

Posts are already active at www.thestormchasers.ca. Subscribe to the RSS feed to keep up to date on the 12 Stormchasers!

For more information on the Stormchasers, including blogs, bios, itinerary, tools, and live weather cameras, visit the website www.thestormchasers.ca. Monthly Podcasts will be launching, which include exclusive trips, behind the scenes action, and Stormchaser interviews.

For more information about Endeavor Snowboards and the Endeavor Experience contact info@endeavorsnowboards.com.

The Endeavor Snowboards brand’s mission is to provide the best snowboards and bring inspiration to every rider in the world. We endeavor to make this happen by listening to you, pushing our creativity, and standing by our quality promise. We endeavor to focus on the one’s that want to set themselves apart from the rest, who push all limits, and who work to pay for their passions. We endeavor to be much more than a snowboarding company. Endeavor is a lifestyle. Founded by real snowboarders in 2002 who dedicate their lives to always endeavor.