Endeavor Snowboards Signs Kale Stephens

Vancouver, B.C.—Endeavor Snowboards is excited to announce the addition of professional snowboarder KaleStephens to the team. Signing Kale is just one of the many exciting events happening atEndeavor this fall.

Kale’s powerful riding style combined with his devout work ethic is a perfect fit for the Endeavorfamily. His familiarity of the Whistler backcountry has earned him a standout part in the upcomingWhiteout Film “Wear it Well. Kale’s antics on and off the slopes keep him grounded in the sportwhere success can easily go to one’s head — Kale is the definition of snowboarding.

“Kale is a solid name in snowboarding. Having parts in Mac Dawg and Whiteout movies for thelast five years, it’s time for Kale to really make an impact on snowboarding. I believe bothEndeavor and Kale will benefit immensely from this relationship says managing director MaxJenke.

Kale is presently coaching at Camp of Champions in Whistler and will be traveling to NewZealand in August to film and ride with the Billabong team. As well, Kale will be pursuing his ownendeavor, Airhole, with business partner Chris Brown. Kale’s other sponsors include Billabong, ISDesign, SP, Drop, DVS, the Circle, and Airhole.

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