Endeavor Snowboards Saves Snowboarding

The powers that be would have you believe that snowboard has become “just another sport”, and that’s why it has become dull and uninspiring. Actually, snowboarding hasn’t changed at all – it’s been systematically dulled down to sell lots of boring product to the masses. We’ve got a little system too – it’s called “We love this sport and make creative isht”. Endeavor is many things, one thing it won’t be is dull. Don’t worry snowboarding, help is on the way!

With that in mind, Endeavor Snowboards is excited to announce the launch of the new 2005/06 Website. An entire new look, the site features all of the new snowboards and apparel, team profiles, and news sections, as well as unique features such as the online boutique, designer profiles, and the co-lab.

Launching July 15 is a milestone for Endeavor and an important element in Endeavor’s marketing and promotions for the coming season. “The web is an effective tool to keep the Endeavor following up to date on what’s going on in our world. We have so many amazing things in the works, we needed to launch the new site to share them with everyone” says Max Jenke.

New this year is the online boutique, an online store featuring the full range of Endeavor apparel, as well as limited edition product from high profile artists. The Co-Lab, an area dedicated to showcasing the collaboration projects done with the Wu-Tang Clan, Nokia, etc., is constantly updated with new joint ventures Endeavor is a part of. Sign up for the monthly newsletter to keep on top of what’s happening with Endeavor.

For more information about Endeavor Snowboards and the Endeavor Experience contact info@endeavorsnowboards.com or go to www.EndeavorSnowboards.com

The Endeavor Snowboards brand’s mission is to provide the best snowboards and bring inspiration to every rider in the world. We endeavor to make this happen by listening to you, pushing our creativity, and standing by our quality promise. We endeavor to focus on the one’s that want to set themselves apart from the rest, who push all limits, and who work to pay for their passions. We endeavor to be much more than a snowboarding company. Endeavor is a lifestyle. Founded by real snowboarders in 2002 who dedicate their lives to always endeavor.