Endeavor is excited to announce the international team line up for the 2005/06 season. Some fresh faces join the ranks, some of which have been riding for Endeavor since day one. This coming season is an exciting one for the boys – keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming Always Endeavor Tours coming to a resort/shop near you!

Paavo Tikkanen

Paavo Tikkanen returns as usual to the roster, being Endeavor’s signature rider, but also a large business partner in the snowboard company. Finishing off a season marked with poor snow and plagued by injuries, Paavo still pulled off his bangers, showing that he still has one of the best styles in snowboarding. Paavo will have a part in Whiteout Films’ new release The Big Blind, and has stories coming out in Snowboard Magazine, TransWorld, and Snowboard Canada. Paavo’s currently recovering from a shoulder separation in Finland before returning back to Canada before rolling out to San Diego for the movie releases at ASR, and then on to Style Wars in Australia followed by a photo shoot at Snow Park in New Zealand. It’s also rumored that he and the rest of the Finnish crew will be going to Dubai for a big air contest. A busy schedule…that’s an understatement! Paavo also rides for Volcom, Utopia, Drop, SP, DVS, Grouse Mountain, and Active Ride Shop.

Shingo Kawano

Shingo is our Japanese killa and returns to the roster with his second designed by series, the Roots. This past year, Shingo stayed in Japan to promote snowboarding. Earthquakes plagued the north island of Japan and snowboarding and skiing visits were down. To show everything was alright and more fun than ever, Shingo decided to chill out and shoot with his homies there. Shingo also rides for Billabong, Murasaki, Nothwave, Union, I.S Design, Drop, Unchain, Bakoda, Conform’able, KFC, R••0 Wax, Side West, and Lion Maru.

Nick Gregory

Nick has been kicking it with Endeavor since day one. Nick is well known as one of, if not the best, snowboarder to come out of Australia and has started to gain international recognition with a check-out in TransWorld Snowboarding Magazine, a part in Whiteout’s Positron, and editorial throughout the different magazines. This season has been busy for Nick as well, starting off in Japan where there was almost too much snow to film! Rolling to Canada, he found no snow and no crews, so it was off to Europe. Jumping Gigi’s gap, Nick came up short and jacked his knee. Rolling home for somewhat of a summer to re-coop, Nick traveled soon after back to Mammoth to film for Whiteout. This season in the Southern Hemisphere, Nick will be traveling around Australia and New Zealand on the Billabong Freeway Tour, as well as competing with the Pacific Team at Style Wars. Nick also rides for Billabong, Electric, DVS, Nixon, Union Bindings, Red Bull, First Tracks Shop.

Spencer Forbes

Spencer is another rider that has been down with Endeavor since day one. A local kid from greater Vancouver, Spence has been killing it on the local hills and up in Whistler for the past couple of years. This year he stepped up his game, getting invited to the DC Mountain Lab to film for their upcoming DVD. Spence also went on several trips in search of snow throughout BC – look out for those stories in different magazines! Spencer also rides for DC, Spy, Zoo York, Coastal Riders, Technine, and Drop.

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