ELMCompany Beefs Up Its Roster

ELMcompany would like to welcome Corey Smith, Jordan Mendenhall, Mitch Nelson, Josh Sherman, and Max Legendre to the team. Also, congratulations to 18-year old Joe Sexton who stepped in as an alternate at the Block Party Rail Jam and took home second place.

ELMcompany has been providing quality hats, caps and beanies to select riders since 2003 and just released its first line available for distribution in the 2005/2006 season. Check out www.elmcompanyheadwear.com or www.elm-co.com to see the complete line and for more information on the team.

For a teaser of next years product, visit www.elmcompanyheadwear.com/SIA_invite.html

SIA Booth #C_1214