New Releases From Elm Company In Stores Now
Elm Company has a multitude of new headwear hitting store shelves this week:
“The Victory Collection” utilizes elements found in a traditional letterman jacket to form one of the most unique fitted caps ever seen.  Melton wool and leather are combined with chenille patchwork and chain-stitch embroidery to give the cap that classic letterman look and feel.  Another first from Elm Company is a matching tshirt, which draws from the same inspiration.
Our 2nd “Designer Music” release is dubbed “Fight The Power” and pays homage to the controversial 1989 Public Enemy hit.  More than just a song, the lyrics embodied the feelings of a nation ripe with tension and ready for change.  The design of the cap is centered around imagery from the music video and Spike Lee’s film “Do The Right Thing”.  As always, the cap is embroidered with lyrics from the song.  In this case “Our Freedom Of Speech Is Freedom Or Death”.
Our Spring/Summer line has something for everyone.  Brighter colors and sports themes are used in the caps, while lighter weight fabrics like straw, tweed, and gingham are used in the hats.  Each piece is designed with the same attention to detail that Elm Commpany is known for.  For a look at the full line, visit and keep up with the latest information at