Music has changed into a disposable commodity. Many people seem more interested in the private affairs of their favorite artists than their music. It often appears as if the music is secondary to sneakers, clothes, hats and gadgets. Some artists view their craft solely as a platform to launch merchandise. As a result, many mainstream acts invest more time developing their public image and product lines, and less time perfecting the music.

Designer Music is an exclusive, limited line produced by ELM COMPANY in collaboration with Chace Infinite of Self Scientific and designer Kevin Sanchez. The series is inspired by the images and sounds that shaped Golden Era Hip-Hop. For those that know, the caps are intended to pay homage to the songs they represent. For those that don’t know, prepare to be educated and elevated. Each Designer Music release is produced in quantities limited to the year the song came out and sold at only select Elm Company dealers. Here’s a teaser of the second installment from the series.”