Elijah Teter Critically Injured at Blackcomb

For those who have not heard, Elijah was heli-vaced from Whistler Sunday afternoon after crashing into a field of rocks at high speed. He misjudged the snow cover of a rock he was trying to jump off of, which flipped him over on his back and into a few boulders on the other side of the rock field. Luckily he had on a helmet and the ski patrol and first aid staff there were on point and managed to chopper him out quickly and save his life by drilling holes in his chest to drain the blood and fluid that was quickly mounting inside. He has many internal lacerations and still a small amount of bleeding in his lungs but he is recovering well, say the doctors at the Lions Gate hospital in North Vancouver and he is conscious and in good spirits.

Once again, thanks to all of you for your thoughts and prayers, I believe that they help.

Amen Teter