Elena Hight Joins Nike 6.0

New to the Crew: Elena Height
Sophisticated Style for Miles

"Elena is a great addition to our team. Nike 6.0 has always been about the youth and capturing the energy and enthusiasm of this culture on and off the snow. Elena can ride it all, but is best known for her explosive halfpipe runs. Despite her age, Elena has the confidence, focus, and talent of a seasoned pro. She is pushing women's snowboarding to a new level, and has the kind of style that earns her the respect and recognition of snowboarders young and old."
–Barrett Christy, Snowboard Mentor

High amplitude and high style pipe runs mark Elena Height's take on snowboarding. Elena's aggressive yet refined style and consistent bag of tricks have brought her to contests around the globe-- earning her a worldly perspective past her years, and a spot at the forefront of the next generation of women riders, pushing the sport, further, faster and higher. Welcome to the crew Elena.

Elena joins Nike 6.0 snowboarders Mason Aguirre, Broc Waring, Matt Ladley, Ellery Hollingsworth, Trevor Jacob, Byn Valaika, Ben Watts, and Ross Baker.