Element Eden, Commune, and The Machine Design Present: Girls VS Boys

Costa Mesa, CA – (6/01/09):

For the first time ever, two separate but equal companies – each pushing the direction of youth culture in their own ways – will come together on June 13th for a modern day battle of the sexes. The battleground? Costa Mesa's SoBeCa District. Weapons? Walls, track lighting, hanging materials, and creative innovation – An art exhibit breaking the mold of what we've come to know. Different methods. Different madness. No iPhones, no laptops, just friends and artists coming together for the greater good.

The Players:
Element Eden:
a women's boutique brand from Irvine, CA. Born from the desire to make a difference in our world. Element Eden represents positive and enduring lifestyle product, and their group of Advocate artists lead the way and inspire girls to follow their own path. Artists for Element Eden: Lisa Solberg, Juliana Neufeld, Amber B.

COMUNE: a men's streetwear brand from Costa Mesa, CA. Creatively pushing the boundaries of what's possible with complete disregard of the consequences. A calculated mix of raw skate, art, fashion and music, with a pinch of fuck it all attitude.
Artists for COMUNE: Corey Smith, Gareth Stehr, Jason Lee Parry, Noah and Nathan Rice

Who will emerge victorious? Only you can decide.

Girls vs Boys
Opening Reception: Saturday June 13th. 7-10 pm.
The Camp, 2937 Bristol St. Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Costa Mesa Day of Art
Music by Jess Carson and DJ Alfred Hawkins
Beverages by Karl Strauss Brewing Company

About the Artists, Element Eden:

Lisa Solberg
Fine artist Lisa Solberg is the epitome of a free spirit. She lives her life very much from moment to moment, appreciating all life has to offer. She works mostly on large-scale paintings and murals but incorporates drawing or painting into her life on a daily basis, changing her style as she sees fit. Hailing from Chicago and the middle child of five, she now resides in the "emerging" part of downtown Los Angeles. Optimistic, expressionistic, and always a positive life force, Lisa is a wonderful part of the Element Eden Advocate family.

Juliana Neufeld
Since completing her BFA in photography from Ryerson University in 2006, in which she explored the mixed media journal as art, Julia has broadened her creative palette and focus to include illustration and design. Eager to strengthen her versatility as an artist, Juliana's work can be found in a variety of mediums, including, children's illustration, cd cover art, fine art and editorial illustration and photography. She currently lives with her best friend, sketchbook and her camera in Toronto, Canada.

Amber B
From her childhood growing up in the country, Amber has always had a heightened awareness on the natural environment, and the energy and rhythms which are ever present if you look hard enough. Amber draws her inspiration from this energy, and just as in the flow of nature, manages to breathe this life force into all her creations. Her creatures exude a personality and warmth which make the owner stop to appreciate the energy which went into them. Her paintings reinforce this idea of emotion and capture her cheeky sense of humor. Ambers passion is visible in everything she does.


About the Artists, COMUNE:

Noah and Nathan Rice
We, as twin artists, have spent much of our time creating work together with many different ideas and influences. Having this unique bond enables us to fuel off each other and continue to finely detail our vision further. Working collaboratively or individually on pieces, our creative symmetry is an important key to the finished projects.
Our work is heavily influenced by our own passions, struggles and triumphs in life. With a deep interest in history, metaphysics, religion and theology, we have a very narrative and abstract representation of this world. Each interpretation creates and explores our own mythology and the story lines that are embedded within.

Corey Smith
Corey Smith is a painter, sculptor and photographer from Portland, OR, who currently resides in Los Angeles, CA. His paintings and photography have appeared in Vice, Elle, ID, FHM, Frequency, Complex, and Arkade magazines, among others. His works have been shown in galleries across the country, including Upper Playground (Portland, OR), Versus (Los Angeles), On Six (San Francisco), KCDC (New York City), and the Orange County Museum of Art.His works are a Death Valley realism, infused with both sunny Californian optimism and morbid premonition. This is awful, deeply wrong, utterly fantastical stuff–a distillation of a time, a place, and a generation that are always already beside themselves.
“Every day a new pop culture development represents the official arrival of the apocalypse. Each week brings an exciting new richness of embarrassments. I anticipate a world where no one has to think, learn, have talent, or be responsible for their actions. Welcome to the post-talent generation.” –C. Smith

Jason Lee Parry
Jason Lee Parry is a fashion photographer who currently lives in Los Angeles, California. With his specific artistic style, he offers something different to the world. These days it seems that just anyone can snap a picture and call themselves a photographer, but Jason has a talent for telling a story and capturing an authentic response of any kind from his audience. His work has appeared in Vice, Soma, Paper, LA Milk and Fake Fashion, among others. He is self-taught and originally from Portland, Oregon.

Gareth Stehr
Gareth Stehr is a pro skater from New Zealand living in Hollywood, CA. Beard and mustache enthusiast, taxidermy collector.


About Element: In 1992 the Element seed was planted. Our goal was simple, to be the best we could be, in the most honest and ethical way possible. We joined together to elevate what we all truly believe in. Today, we continue to create the art, direction and message on a constant path to bring progress to skateboarding. We are more than a business; we are a family, all on the same journey for the growth with-in ourselves, Element and all that surrounds us. Elementeden.com

COMUNE was formed from the idea that there will always be people out there who not only embrace the rawness and imperfections of the every day life, but use it to creatively push the boundaries of what's possible in skate, snow, fashion, art, and music their own way, with complete disregard of the consequences. The goal of COMUNE is to provide clothing that reflects this lifestyle of carefree idealism and to support the people that choose to live it.
The COMUNE website (thecomune.com) provides the most complete view of the brand and its' unique creative community.

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