El Grande Widest Board in the World

With the widest board on the market, Elan is proud to introduce a new category set to make riders withlarger feet happy as hell — super wide shapes. Easily accomodating boot sizes that other boards shy awayfrom, the super wide shapes feature a significantly reduced width across the nose and tail of the boardthanks to Elan’s patented Omega Sidecut technology. A straight sidecut has been designed to replace thetraditionally rounded shape of a board’s tip and tail. Besides reducing the width of the nose and tail, theOmega Sidecut significantly increases rider stability and control when riding, jumping and landing.”I think the idea is brilliant — it’s simplicity in its purest form but maybe that’s exactly why nobody hasdone it before. Take the widest board in the world and combine it with the sickest invention snowboardinghas seen for a long time: the Omega Sidecut. If you thought a super wide board might be tricky to handle,then think again., states Elan International Team Rider Aleksi Vanninen

Packed with torsion-reinforcing Carbon 90 Beam and V2 Sidewalls, the El Grande is easily controllable in allsnow conditions and offers performance on a level with any of the narrower boards on the market.


Target group: Advanced All Mountain Freeride
Length: 155 159 163 167 171
Shape: Super Wide Directional
Construction: Control Woodcore, G 70 Fiberglass, Warp Speed 8 Base, Omega Sidecut, V2/SlantedSidewalls, Carbon 90 Beam
Special: with protective boardbag
Retail price: Euro 399,-

For more information about Elan Snowboards go to www.elansnowboards.com.