eesa DJ Division

Shredding and music go together like PB & J, cookies and milk, Saddam & Gomorrah, well you get the idea. Created for and by shredders the eesa dj division brings you the best of both worlds. Tunes you can listen to from lift-to-lounge. ?

Spearheaded by DJ Anubus, the eesa dj division was created to promote DJ,s to a global audience. Every month eesa will promote a DJ and send music to snowboarders around the world. If you think you have what it takes all you have to do is send in your mix tape to eesa-dj division PO Box 323 30 Foundry Street Waterbury, VT 05676 or contact to speak directly with DJ Anubus.

Anubus,s background goes a little something like this; born in Elmira, bread in Buffalo, broke out in Brooklyn, brought home to Burlington. From battles to beats, from party rockin’-to-show stoppin.’ Dj Anubus does it all and now he’s bringing it to you with the creation of the eesa dj division, the freshest cuts, the hardest beats, the biggest shows.

welcome to lux listening.