eesa clothing Announces It’s Team

eesa clothing, the brand that’s bringing snowboarders worldwide lifestyle performance clothing they can wear from lift-to-lounge, took a break from the action recently to give the team a chance to tell you what’s going on. Chris Coulter came on board with eesa because as he puts it “I can stay warm and dry longer which means I can shred longer and harder. Jesse Fox interjects “if you look good, you feel good and girls like guys that look good. Jon Cartwright backs Fox by saying “not only will it help you keep at it longer, it will boost your lay factor two-fold.

As far as involvement with eesa goes Lukas Huffman puts it like this “working on the eesa project has been like watching the guys back at global hq, do lot’s and lot’s of thinking and working, you gotta’ see it to believe it. Annie Boulanger adds “it’s great to work with a bunch of great and motivated people, I’m excited to get some really sweet layering pieces, layers are what you need and now they are sooooo dope! Fox sums it all up by saying helping to develop the eesa collection “is like Christmas morning all winter long.

The team ranks have continued to swell over the past year to include: JP Tomich, Jake Bleauvalt, Casey Neefus, Ali Goulet and a handful riders we can’t mention due to contract lock-down’s.

eesa clothing gets set to drop in Las Vegas during the January SIA show. With a season of prototypes and testing under its belt, eesa is pushing product innovation and collaborating with riders to breed the eesa collection. It’s where form meets function and science with style. It is about contribution and distinction!

If you’re still rocking a long-sleeve cotton-T and hoody; eesa is the brand for you. Birthed from the need for shredwear that can be worn from lift-to-lounge, eesa turns it’s sights on making design-driven innerwear and apparel with a sophisticated focus on functional fabrics engineered with your style in mind.

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