Eclipse Snow Park is the country’s newest resort area. How new you might ask? So new they aren’t open yet… except to a select few. Recently, Eclipse Snow Park hosted some of the world’s best riders to session some new and unique features for exclusive photo shoots to start spreading the word. Eclipse created two features, one being a first-ever triple- barrel pyramid—three 5000-gallon plastic barrels stacked into a pyramid; the other feature was arguably the world’s tallest quarterpipe. From the lowest point to the top of the quarterpipe was over 70 ft in vertical rise! The speed carried into the quarter was beyond intense. So crazy that someone brought a speed gun to clock the rider’s speed… 57 MPH was the speed for a handplant!

The shots that came out of these exclusive photo shoots were unreal. Besides having the most original features of any late season park shoot, they had some of the world’s best riders show up to session the features. Steve Fisher, Jeff Meyer, Steve Uhen, Chad Otterstrom, Trailer Tom, Erich Dummer, Austin Julik-Heine and Brent Meyer were seen sessioning the features on different occasions. Minimum Wage Entertainment was there to catch the action for Pin Pin 7. Look for both the still and video shots this fall.About Eclipse:

Eclipse Snow Park is scheduled to open this fall with a terrain park sure to blow peoples’ minds. The newest park in the country will be flowing with creativity, craftsmanship and care, ensuring that riders of every level are accommodated. With future expansions, Eclipse will open up its 300+ acres with a variety of terrain including: steeps, glades, tree runs, a few cliff lines and even the most coveted thing in snow, secret pillow lines. With the full opening, Eclipse will become the closest resort to Denver with a variety in terrain that rivals the resorts in Summit County, but at half the drive time (just 32 miles west of C-470 and I-70). To add to the specialty of Eclipse, these future expansions are going to open another door unheard of in Colorado for several years—summer snowboarding!!! Currently, there is still a ton of snow up there and with the right planning, Eclipse has the potential for summer camps, photo shoots, competitions, and just a plain old good time for the snowboard community.

Eclipse is located in St. Marys, just next to the famous St. Mary’s Glacier, just a few minutes off of I-70 and way before the dreaded Eisenhower Tunnel. But more importantly, the location puts them right in the storm track. Those familiar with the St. Mary’s / Alice area will understand. There’s a reason a glacier exists there. Eclipse is the new hill on the block in Colorado, and they plan on making an impact. They have put together some of the most industrious, original, and inventive minds in the Colorado snowsports industry to ensure a park that will have the most original features as well as the most fun features you will ever put under your board. They also have plans to change the way you look at a resort by bringing new and exciting ideas to the park scene. Stay tuned for more announcements.

Lift and season ticket prices have not been set. Look for them to be extremely affordable!If you have any questions, comments, or more information, they can be found on, on myspace, or at their website: name: EclipseSnowPark
Myspace: Eclipse Snow Park