The Burton Stair Set is the newest and by far the biggest addition to the park at Echo Mountain this season, bringing the street to 10,500 feet. With 25 stairs worth of ledge, straight rail and hubba, this unique feature promises to provide the platform for plenty of bangers this coming season. Not to mention all you jib heads out there can now get the same gnarliness and consequence without having to deal with the police on the street.

Standing on the deck looking down at the lexan and steal covered logs, it's easy to get caught up in the moment as visions of trick after trick quickly cloud the eager pre-season mind. To the right is a straight log that has been halved and covered with lexan creating a 10" wide ledge complete with steal coping. To the left is a 4'' square, steal rail set into a log bringing the metal from the street to the trees of the mountains. Splitting the Stair Set in half, the hubba ledge screams combos with 8" ledges on both sides of a super wide, polyurethane coated log.

With the temps dropping and the snow guns blasting, it's only a matter of time now. Soon the hammers will be dropping and Echo Mountain along with Burton will present Colorado with its first true street style stair set! Oh, and we can't forget to say a huge thanks to Echo's crew of highly skilled and dedicated carpenters including King, Collin and Jeremy for making this amazing feature possible.

Check back right here every two weeks for more Echo Mountain feature updates and don't forget to keep your eyes open for further section updates from the Echodemic Vol. 1.

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Can't wait to see you up hear,

-Echo Mountain Staff

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