DVANCE New Zealand Snowboard Camps

Queenstown, New Zealand, April 4, 2003 Anyone who thinks Middle Earth is just a fiction, obviously hasn?t been to New Zealand. In New Zealand, giant mountains, isolated grass lands, deep caves, and ancient Ent-like forests are not only present, they?re everywhere. I guess that?s why Peter Jackson decided to film his ?Lord of the Rings? movies in this South Pacific Island.

Campers at DVANCE?s New Zealand snowboard camp are able to experience Middle Earth first hand as they road-trip through New Zealand?s coolest mountains. ? The camp follows much of the path that the Fellowship of the Ring took in their journey towards Mordor? says Reto Neiger, coach at last year?s camp. Campers heli-board in the mountains above the Rohan city of Edoras, ride the peaks of the Caradhas pass where the fellowship was almost destroyed by a storm, visit the thick Fanghorn-like rain forests, and travel through the isolated lands of Isengard.

The camp takes its campers through New Zealand’s nine greatest resorts and three coolest resort villages. As campers ride, their way through nine halfpipes (including six superpipes), 30 jumps, 20+ rails, and limitless powder, chutes & cliffs, they will be accompanied by some of the world’s greatest pros and coaches, including: Gian Simmen, Vinzenz Lüps, Eric Themel and many more. In addition to two-weeks of unbelievable snowboarding, campers will take part in several awesome off-mountain activities: dolphin-swimming, 4WD dirt bike riding, rainforest biking, sea kayaking, skateboarding to name a few, and have the opportunity to spend a day or two heli and/or cat-boarding. Camp starts in late July, spots are filling up quickly.


Session 1: July 27 ? August 8, 2003
Session 2: August 10 ? August 22, 2003

Without Cat and Heli-day: US$1995
With Cat-day: US$2145
With Heli-day: US$2345
With Cat and Heli-day: US$2495

Parks & Superpipes, awesome freeriding

For beginners to aspiring pros

Website: http://www.DVANCEcamps.com
Email: info@DVANCEcamps.com
North America Toll-free: 1-877-844-8597
Rest of the World: +64-6-322-1182