Dragon Mystery Tour at Rail Garden

Carlsbad, CA- The Dragon Mystery Tour is a multi-sport worldwide event series designed to creatively promote the brand, support the culture and give local talent a moment in spotlight. Each stop is entirely unique and different from the other and is specifically designed for each country and region.

The first stop of the Mystery Tour will take place at the “Rail Garden, a staple in Utah snowboarding history, where locals and Pro’s have enjoyed a plethora of obstacles nuzzled in their own backyard for daily usage. As a priority to preserve the accessibility and legacy of the Rail Garden, DRAGON has worked closely with the city, convincing them of the park’s significance to the community and snowboarding.

The result is a first ever event showcasing some of Utah’s top pros and rookies in what may be the most progressive Rail Garden session yet to be seen. For more details, drop by Milo or check out www.DragonMysteryTour.com.

• The Rail Garden

• Saturday, February 17th

• 10am — 2pm

Course Layout: (Two Zones)
• 8 stair handrail double line (10am — 11:30pm)
• 16 stair handrail (12:pm — 1:30pm)

• Jam

• Liability and registration forms must be filled out to participate
• No official judging (participating peer and spectator consensus)

• $1000 Best Line
• $1000 Best Trick