WHAT: Watch Minnesota and Wisconsin’s top local talent throw down atthis one of a kind ski and snowboarding event. ProfessionalSnowboarder Bjorn Lienes will be in attendance along withseveral other local pros. Come watch the athletes drop 30 feetfrom a bucket truck into a quarter-pipe snow ramp built byFreshTip productions, performing various tricks on the waydown! Also watch the athletes be pulled into the quarter-pipe bya high-speed winch. This is the first type of snow event of itskind in Minnesota so the buzz is huge! Truckloads of snow/icewill be trucked in from local ice arenas.

This will surely be the talk of downtown Minneapolis on thenight of October 19th. An excellent display of big drops andcrazy tricks performed by the regions best.This will truly be a one of a kind event downtown Minneapolishas never seen before!WHO: Minnesota and Wisconsin.s top local riders

Bjorn Lienes
Jordan Micholot
Mike Roeder
Jake Olsen Elm
Ricky Tucker
Other Freshtip Design Team Riders

WHERE: Aqua Nightclub – The Alley 1st Ave and 4th St. Downtown, Minneapolis

WHEN: October 19th @ 9pm . 12am

FOR MORE INFO: Andrew Dickson . Red Bull Field Marketing Manager Andrew.dickson@us.redbull.com/612.208.4587 Freshtip Design Contacts: Doug Herman: freshftd@gmail.com / 763.238.3421 or Sammy Lucas: Steezin_sammy@hotmail.com/763-238-2069