SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH – May 2, 2011 – Discrete Sport LLC is proud to announce the addition of four new snowboarders to their athlete roster. Sam Taxwood and Griffin Siebert, both based in Park City, Utah, are young guns geared up for successful snowboarding careers. Raplh Backstrom, of Lake Tahoe, CA and Matt Annetts, Jackson Hole, WY are both big mountain snowboarding specialists with proven skills in competition and film projects.

“I’m super pumped to be a part of Discrete.” says Backstrom. “I look forward to future projects with them, they are doing it right!” “Discrete’s product is sick, I’m especially down with their beanies, and more specifically their neck gator – the BOGO coming out September 2011!” says Siebert. In recent news Annetts is coming off of a win at the 2011 Freeride World Tour in St. Moritz. Taxwood won the inaugural 2011 Red Bull Minor’s cup at Brighton Utah, illustrating his versatility on the big mountain snowboarding scene. Siebert has built an online following after releasing a string of successful web edits with huge quantities of views. Backstrom has further proven himself on the big mountain circuit, racking up wins and top three finishes on the Masters Tour and New Zealand Heli Challenge.

“I created and built awareness for Discrete by sponsoring amazing athletes,” said Julian Carr, Discrete Headwear Owner and professional athlete. “These guys fit our program so well, it’s refreshing to know there are four guys out there we could get on board, with so much talent and an eagerness to work hard – that’s our formula.”

Discrete TV Discrete TV was introduced November 2010 to provide a platform for Discrete’s athletes, artists, and employees a fun place to create content. Discrete’s online video streaming channel has been very successful as a new media outlet and has experienced tremendous success with over 200,000 video views and received accolades from viewers this season. As part of the celebration of the four new athletes Discrete TV has launched Discrete TV #23, showcasing each atheletes ability. Discrete TV #23 includes footage of: Annetts’ winning competition runs, Backstrom’s backcountry stompings and Taxwood and Siebert’s innovative park style. Visit Discrete TV on vimeo.