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Dirksen Derby Snowboard Rally Race
December 11-12-13th, 2015
The Dirksen Derby Rally Race is a snowboard, splitboard and sit-ski race at Mt. Bachelor, Oregon. The race consists of two 30 second banked slalom courses on Mt. Bachelor. The Green course is designed for all abilities of riders, and the Red course is designed to be tighter and faster for the more experienced riders. After Qualifiers, racers log a time down each of the courses and the racer with the fastest combined times wins the division.  The mission of the event is to raise money for our friend Tyler Eklund while bringing the snowboard, splitboard and Sit-ski communities together for a fun weekend of competition and comradery.

Location: Mt. Bachelor, Oregon
The course is located at a different location every year on the lower mountain of Mt. Bachelor. Location is decided 10 days before the race.

Course Construction:
Pat Malendoski from Parkraker and a crew of hired diggers will organize construction of the course. Volunteers should show up at the top of the course at 10am for a day of digging. Custom Derby Balaclavas will be given away at the end of each digging day to volunteers who help for more than 5 hours.

Dirksen Derby Film Fest
Saturday, December 12, 2015
The Dirksen Derby Film Fest is a collection and viewing of short 2-10 minute film and photography edits from members of the Snowboard and Sit-Ski community. The top  3 film and photography edits of the Film Fest will be recognized and presented with trophies at the Awards Ceremony on Sunday at Mt. Bachelor. The mission of the Film Fest is to raise money for our friend Tyler Eklund while giving the Snowboard and Sit-Ski community a place to share their adventures and travels from the previous seasons.

World Premier:
Wille Hall, Bend OR @ 7:00pm
Salomon Snowboards will host a premier at the Wille Hall on the COCC campus in Bend OR at 7:00pm on Saturday evening. The venue seats 200 people and tickets will be sold online at for $35 (Dirksen Derby/Drink Water water bottle included).


1. Derby Elite- Mens                 (pro-all ages)
2. Derby Elite- Womens           (pro-all ages)
3. Mens                                       (14-34 years old)
4. Womens                                 (14-49 years old)
5. Gentlemens                            (35-49 years old)
6. Gentle-Womens                     (35-49 years old)
7. Older and Wiser                    (Mens and Womens 50+ years old)
8. Groms                                     (Boys and Girls, 13 and under)
9. Sit-Ski                                     (Mens and Womens- all ages)
10. Splitboard- Mens                  (Mens-all ages)
11. Splitboard- Womens             (Womens-all ages)
12. Art Show                                (all ages)
13. Film Fest                                 (all ages)
14. Photo Fest                              (all ages)

Total:                                            42 trophies