Dirksen Derby Set for Mt. Bachelor’s Opening Day

Straight from the offices at Rancho Relaxo…….Mt. Bachelor has announced their intent to open up the lifts on Sunday, December 14th, 2008, and Josh Dirksen has guaranteed the good times with the 2nd annual Dirksen Derby.

With a frigid storm hitting the Northwest on Friday, the conditions on the course should be cold, fast, sufficiently-covered, and most of all fun-loving.  All registration will take place in the West Village lodge at 8:00 A.M. on Sunday morning (near the bottom of the Pine Martin chair).  The rally racing will take place on a first come/ first serve basis off the Thunderbird run, and will last most of the day with divisions in Snowboard, Token Skier, and Sit-Skier.

After the event the punk rock band Tuck n’ Roll will be warping the crowds minds before the “mother of all award ceremonies” at 3:00.

The stack of prizes for the Derby has currently formed an enormous mountain 8 boxes high in the living room of Rancho Relaxo, so the givin’ should be good!  (special thanks to DaKine, Salomon, Bonfire, Scott, Fuel T.V., Exit Real World, Side Effect, and Skjersas’s for the generousity)  All proceeds, donations, raffle ticket purchases, and overall stoke will go directly to help our good friends Tyler Eklund and Cole Ortega.