Dinosaurs Will Die Snowboards Launches 05/06 Website

Ohhh wait. It�s been up since last January Damn, we are ahead of our time. Well it has been updated to this very day bring you one of the most interactive snowboard company sights out there to date. The site has movies, photos, an art page, and the scroll bar that�s scrolls for days and days, literally. It�s all in their, its crazy. Check out the complete 2006 catalog, and info about what the team�s doing at every moment of their lives,–from shitting in the morning to spending days at camp in the summer. Come one come all you can actually spend an hour on the DWD site.

Not wanting to keep anticipation burning away with dreams of cookie�s and boards, we will have immediate release of all boards in store by November1st. That�s right kids, after you finish celebrating the best day of the year (Halloween) you will wake up to the second best day–DWD release day. Inquire at all local shops in your area.